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Planning Tips

Picture Perfect

We all know that a bad picture can put a damper on things so here are some handy tips to make the most important pictures of your lives picture perfect!
The key to a timeless photograph is confidence. Try these two poses in the mirror and you will get good results! Good posture will help with your confidence, so shoulders back, neck straight, stick your chin out slightly, and barely tilt your face to the side. For another strong confident pose, stand tall, put one foot in front of the other, bend one knee, and position your upper body back a bit. For your arms to appear more toned, never place your arms at your side. Instead place one hand on your hip, and remember you look amazing!
Soft and Sensual
To capture that soft and sensual feeling of love, you may want to request a few black and white photographs. They are classic, elegant, and they give off a warm feeling that softens your complexion. Remember you should only wear soft shades of lipstick instead of bold dark colors such as deep reds.
Natural Light
Natural light enhances the beauty of your skin's soft color making your complexion glow and it illuminates your eye color, leaving you with a photograph that is sparkling and stunning. Be sure to use powder foundation and apply makeup by a window to ensure your makeup looks flawless in natural light. Just before sunset, the light is perfect for pictures but if you are being photographed earlier in the day, try to find natural shade so you aren't squinting.
Flowers for All
When being photographed with your beautiful bouquet, be sure to never place your bouquet in front of any divine details on your dress, such as beadwork, a sash, or embroidery. Tilt your bouquet forward so your photographer will be able to capture you and your bouquet in full bloom for all to see!
Smile Brilliantly and Beautifully
What's worse than those smile wrinkles that squish your eyes together, making appear smaller than they really are? While being photographed, remember to relax your forehead and perhaps raise your eyebrows a bit while smiling. It will help even out those little squinty wrinkles on your forehead and the eye area. So your face looks slim and firm, stick your chin out slightly and turn your head a bit. The results will be good!
Have Some Fun
Your photographer can take flirty pictures of you and your groom so goof off and have some fun! The best pictures come right after a funny moment or a little laugh, so your pictures will show those natural smiles of yours and how much fun you two really have together. After the silly moments are over, have your photographer take pictures of the two of you walking side by side, hand in hand. The moment will be captured in a much more natural setting and your love will shine through the cherished photographs.
Plan Your Pose
Pose different ways in the mirror, that way you know which one truly suits you best. Have your groom stand behind you while wrapping his arms around your waist then lean forward and laugh, as if you are playfully escaping from him. For the close-up photographs stand at the same eye level as each other so the height difference isn't too obvious and request the picture be taken from the waist up.