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Destination Wedding Wear for HIM

So, your soon-to-be-wife has chosen her destination wedding dress. Wheeeew!!!! Now it's your turn to find something to complement her. Fortunately, grooms have it a bit easier than brides in planning their destination wedding attire. Of course, a destination wedding normally calls for a more casual look, but that also means more comfortable. Another plus for you!!! With that in mind, here are some destination wedding wear tips for HIM to keep in mind while shopping:
  • DO remember to coordinate your attire with your bride. If she's very casual, you should be to. But if she's more on the formal side, try to spiffy it up a bit!!
  • DO choose attire that is wrinkle/stain resistant for ease of packing and traveling.
  • DO consider fabrics that are lightweight and breezy for tropical destination weddings. Chiffon and cotton are great, but try to stay away from silk, which can cause embarrassing sweats spots!! YUCK.
  • DO coordinate your shoes with your destination wedding grooms wear. Sandals go perfect with a nice button down shirt with casual shorts on the beach.
  • DO wear a light suit, possibly without a tie, if your bride will wear a more formal dress.
  • DO coordinate your groomsmen's attire with not only what you're wearing, but what the bridesmaids are wearing as well. You'll want beautiful wedding pictures and so will your bride!!!!!