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Honeymoon And Wedding Gift List

It's just a few easy steps to set up your honeymoon registry and start receiving gifts. For details on how to edit your registry and manage your money, see FAQs or when signed into your account, view the How it works section of your dashboard.
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Register Your Honeymoon Plans
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Register for activities, room upgrades, tours, anything you wish for on your dream honeymoon

Receiving all the wonderful gifts friends and family purchase for you is simple. When you set up the registry, you may choose from one of the following methods: have everything sent direct to you OR sent direct to your hotel.

How your gift monies are transferred is determined by your chosen payment method, your resort and the specific gifts purchased. Please see "Notes to Couple" on each item when building your registry. If you are logged in and have already selected gifts, view your Full Accounting.

You may choose to have your gifts sent either:

DIRECT TO YOU: If you choose to have funds sent directly to you, gifts may be collected at any time, as many times as you'd like. You may:
  • Send funds directly to your US based bank account, with our free unlimited ACH bank to bank direct deposit. This is the most efficient and secure method.


  • Have a check mailed to you via regular US postal service. (>We are not responsible for lost mail -a great reason to "Go Green" and use the bank to bank transfer service.)
DIRECT TO THE TOUR COMPANY: Certain gifts will be coordinated for you with the service provider. For your convenience, these purchased gifts will have the funds transfered directly to the provider, who will organize the activity with you. Your friends and family will love that they are giving you real gifts to enjoy from your honeymoon registry!